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OFFSHORE PASSENGER TRANSFER SYSTEM or OPTS is an offshore access system that can transfer a limited number of persons from one position to another, whether it be fixed or mobile it does not matter. A smooth and seamless transportation is guaranteed.

This is an innovative way to transfer people and/or tools and equipment, and this patented product and system is a first of its kind to be suitable for offshore and marine application.

This safe, simple and self-controlled supporting system for moving people from one offshore structure to another can forget the use of W2W, bridges and gangways but embrace the future by using this platform/basket. It is fully compensated and controlled by the operator as it would be on a land based installation.

The OPTS is an excellent tool to access wind turbine platforms, oil and gas platforms and other sea going vessels or structures. Our offshore access system has the ability to move freely 2×200° with a reach of 24m horizontally, and more than 20m vertically above the ground/deck. It can also drop to 6m below the level of the deck/quay (for example) for rescue purposes etc.

The system of LIFT2WORK B.V. is a fully Dutch designed and built product. It has been designed to be used on any construction or vessel in the offshore and marine world. With an arm length of 10m and a basic footprint of 8’x8’ (2440mmx2440mm) the OPTS can easily be integrated into a deck construction. The available deck mounting frames provide a fast and painless mounting possibility, and due to their light but strong and rigid construction, enables quick, easy and safe lifting and transport options. This offshore access system can even be used to lift goods and tools with or without heave and/or motion compensation.

The new Offshore Access System by LIFT2WORK - a compact offshore access system
The new Offshore Access System by LIFT2WORK: maximum reach diagram

Brief characteristics

  • Roll, pitch and heave compensated (six degrees of freedom)
  • Height above deck >20m
  • Under deck – 6m
  • Outreach max. – 24m
  • Max. possible load kg 1000kg at 24m and 2500kg at 18m
  • Compliance with DP
  • Weight: 10t-fixed/15t-mobile version
  • Basic unit has a footprint 8’x 8′, integrable in 20′ or 40′ transport/deck mounting frame

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The new offshore access system can be used for all kinds of offshore operations with special applications for:

  1. Transfer of up to 6 persons @ 18m or 4 persons @ 24m reach.
  2. Load transfer up to 2500kg and 1000 kg fully compensated.
  3. Max height between 20-24m for fire fighting or piloting.
  4. Rescue operations up to 6m below deck/ground with a horizontal reach of 24m.
  5. Decommissioning tool.
  6. FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) access.
  7. More to follow. New additions and functions will of course be added as requests always lead to new ideas.
    “Necessity is the mother of invent
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